Old blog with new habits

I'm back with a vengeance
I’ll be drinking this later

I’ll be drinking this later

Some of the things we make at work.
1. Coconut ahi with polenta fries
2. Flat iron steak with loaded potato skins and chimichurri
3. New York steak with Demi glacé and garlic mash
4. Pan fried halibut with cauliflower ragu
5. Salmon with parsnip purée and garden foam.
6. Grilled filet topped with tomato jam, fingerling potatoes and carrot/broccoli purée.
7. Chicken with pan gravy and bread pudding.
8. Sea bass over risotto topped with mango salsa and beurre blanc

My team!!! I was drafting while I was at the 49er game. I could have done better if I wasn’t drafting from my from my phone.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a selfie. I’m gonna annoy you all with another photo after this.

Oh dear gawd!


You’re going to love the things I’ll do to you.

Because it’s national butt day and she is my biggest tumblr crush.